Preparing for a Virgin Birth….

Jesus was born to a virgin. The thing a lot of people miss is that Mary was married to Joseph. I think about being married to someone you can’t have just yet. Living with your money you can’t spend just yet for example. You see it every day, you have to take care of it, etc; but you can’t do anything with this gift for your own pleasure until God says it’s time for birth.

Ok so I’m married to Jesus who is going to birth the Holy Spirit in me to fulfill the gifts he has given me. Ok so what does this mean exactly? I already have evidence of things in my life that I have this gift, I have signs of the Holy Spirit. But there are things that I must do to birth the Holy Spirit. There are still things in marriage that I must do. I can’t be intimate with God until I birth this thing. (This doesn’t even feel right, not because it’s not right, but because it feels funny. It’s not normal, but it’s good. )

But imagine getting to know someone without being intimate with them. That’s where I am right now with God and Jesus. I need to get to know them and not focus on the intimacy, while I prepare for birthing and being in labor with the Holy Spirit.

1. Time!!! You must spend time to get to know someone.

2. Listen!!! You must listen to understand where they are coming from.

3. A wife takes care of her husband. There is work that needs to be done to make sure the husband is comfortable and being loved as He deserves. (My Husband is Jesus remember…)

4. Don’t worry about how you should be treated because this is a union that was designed for you since birth.

5. Every woman eats more in pregnancy. You need more food than what you’ve been eating so that the child (The Holy Spirit) is fed adequately for a healthy birth.

6. You will have cravings that are stranger than strange. Don’t worry about what people say, you know that this child wants what it wants.

7. The clothing you wear will have to change. You can’t try to squeeze into the same outfits that you wore when you weren’t pregnant.

8. Exercise. A workout is needed to ease the birth of the child and to maintain your own health in addition to the health of a child. This means you need to exert some energy.

9. Even though you are eating more, there are still nutrients you must eat for the baby and yourself. You have to seek the right nutrients to eat.

10. This isn’t a baby you will just give away at birth. You have to prepare to raise them. Babies grow fast. So you have to be ready for the fast growth. Save up on money, buy plenty of diapers, buy clothes, etc.

11. Doctor appointments are important so that they can ensure the baby is growing healthy. (We all know who our doctor is…. ^_^ )

This prenatal time is for our relationship with Christ, however it can be applied in a time of engagement to our significant other as well. It was really difficult for Joseph I’m sure to have someone so beautiful and restrain himself from having sexual relations with her. I’m sure it was difficult for Joseph to know that the baby she held was not his. When you are engaged to someone the Holy Spirit has already impregnated something in you that did not come from your husband, yet you will raise this child together. There are many challenge in this time, however remaining focused and adhering to prenatal protocol is pivotal. When you are promised someone in marriage by God then you have a gift that you cannot open yet. You are birthing a marriage but you must prepare and not upset the baby or it may come out with complications.

We must also remember that Mary was a virgin giving birth to a bouncing baby boy. 0_o . Please correct me if I am wrong, but there were no C-sections during that time, she had to go au natural! Today we have epidurals to decrease the pain as we give birth, Mary didn’t have that privilege. There are certain areas in your life where you are a virgin in the spirit, but God wants to birth something through you in this walk. It will be painful. It will be strange to others, but at the end of the day it will be a miracle that changes the world.

Do you even know if you are pregnant?…..


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