The Word… word?….. WORD

John 1:1-2

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God


So I just think about the definition of Word here. I know that it is in reference to Jesus Christ. (john 1:14, And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth)  But what does Christ being the Word actually mean?


Word- Noun – 1. A unit of language 2. Speech or talk. 3. Text or lyrics 4.. An expression or utterance 5. Truth.

So let’s break this down.

Jesus is the Word.

Word is a noun, a person, place, or thing.  So who is this person in your life? Does the Word have a place in your life? And are you allowing your home to be this place? Now is the Word just a thing to you? (Notice the definition did not say AND a thing.  You can have a word but it may not be THE Word.  Let’s use a capital W when you speak of The Word. )

When there are people in your life, how do you introduce them to other people?  So when you say Jesus is a person in your life, how is he introduced to others around you? What would you do if some stranger claimed you were their best friend? Can you really say Jesus is a person in your life? Can you really say the Word is your friend, lover, comforter, guide, father, etc?  Sometimes there is no introduction necessary. There are times when people can tell you are related to someone else because you look like them.  Can people look at you and tell Jesus or the Word is family to you?

In today’s society we often times get caught up in the fast pace of things.  We have our careers, our families, our friends, etc.  I’ll even mention our church commitments because without a reason there is no purpose in our actions.  With everything on our plate we forget to add the Word. There is no place in our busy schedules for Him. Sunday mornings is a time of community fellowship but salvation is an individual fellowship with God.  Is there a place for the Word in your schedule?

It’s one thing (an important thing) to have the Word in you, but it’s another thing to have the Word around you.  This can be taken in different ways. But the question remains, what kind of home are you building for yourself?  Do you want to live in anger, hate, depression, etc or do you want to live in love, peace, joy, etc?  Have you allowed God to be your home?  Are you allowing Him to design your floor plan too?

How many things are just lying around that you don’t care about. A thing is something you don’t really give a name to because it doesn’t matter to you.  It’s just that, a thing. So have you given the Word, Jesus, God a title in your life? Or is God just something you pick up when you feel like it?

Word is a unit of language. It is a way of communication. Are you communicating?  Do you know the language to communicate?

Word is speech. What speech do you have right now? Do you talk the Word?

Word is text and lyrics.  Where is the text in your life, your Bible? What music are you allowing to come into your spirit?

Word is expression. How are you expressing yourself? What are you expressing?

Word is truth. Have you embraced the truth today? Whose truth?

knowing the bible


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