Will You Pray for Me?

So God had me have a day of intercession….He told me to pray for everyone I came in contact with.  They could speak to me, text me, etc.  It didn’t matter, even if I reached out to them.  If I came in contact with someone, I had to pray for them.  This was definitely a challenge for me… I felt like on any regular day, I would barely have contact with anyone, but I realized that I really crossed the path of many people in each day.   This challenge made me realize the impact that a few seconds can have in interaction with someone.  It also redefined, praying without ceasing.

It’s funny because I would finish up a prayer for someone as I spoke to someone else. I’d finish my prayer like oh yea… I spoke to that woman…. Dear God, that woman with the blue dress… lol It was definitely fun!!! I think I want to do it again. Well I will do it again!!!!

This challenge gave me a greater desire to intercede for others, be available to others, and be a better me for others.

I challenge you to take this challenge.  Pray for everyone who crosses your path in one day (or more) and let me know how you feel afterwards!!!! What experiences did you have? What feelings did you feel?

Oh by the way…. your prayer life WILL change…..


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