I trust you until….

My convo with God….

Me:  God I give you my heart….

God: You already gave it to me…

Me: But…

God: So stop trying to take it back…

Me:……. (yes I pouted lol)


I gave God my heart and He pushed me to MD (I always said VA was the furthest I’d go north.. lol)

He closed the doors on people (friends since elementary..)

Opened my heart towards others (this one guy… still fighting that one.. smh pray for me)

He said obey in your trust…. You trust that your car is where you last parked it… So trust that your heart and desires are still where you last placed it…. (In His hands and WIll).  We too often give God our hearts, souls, lives, and when we become uncomfortable we try to take it back…. Then we wonder why things are the way they are….  When we wonder it leads to trying to figure things out… You can’t figure out a plan that is from God… That’s when you try to fulfill desires that you can’t fulfill…. Trusting in God’s plan means truly trusting in it.  Start spending more time with Him so that you know and trust who He is in your life…..


(I gave this Word to someone today…. it’s crazy how God gets you to hear what is already in you….)

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