He promised perfect LOVE…. what did you think He promised?

I was driving from SC to MD and God gave me this Word today. God did not promise us a perfect man/woman, but He DID promise us perfect love. Know the difference. Each of us on this earth has our flaws, but when God is involved it’s a different story. We too often rely on the quote “no one is perfect” and we end up settling. We also rely on a perfect fantasy that Disney has corrupted us with. (Yes i love Disney but DON’T get me started on how it has corrupted our minds…. how many disney movies have both parents in it?…I’ll leave it alone for now.) We have been corrupted by so many things, lies, and deceits in our lives that we truly think that perfection comes the exact way we have pictured it…. The truth is… If you desire a perfect relationship then BOTH parties must submit to Christ… the ONLY perfection of this world…. We must humble ourselves and be taught by God who IS Love…. The thing we must also understand that God is not someone we can truly comprehend… So please stop trying to define love when you barely have a relationship with God aka perfect love. Don’t settle with imperfections or fantasy….. God has more in store for you than you could ever imagine…. Trust Him with your desires and the fragile heart that each of us carries in our own way…..





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