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The Art and the Artist

I love to paint and draw.  I started drawing in elementary but after taking classes in high school I truly fell in love with it.  I don’t paint or draw as much as I use to but I STILL love the arts.  If anyone ever needs an art museum buddy, I’m here for you!!!

I will just sit and study artwork for hours.  As I look at the artwork it helps me to understand the artist.  It helps me to understand what they were thinking for each piece and how their artwork reflects them.  When studying art you are able to determine not only who the artist was but the tools they used to create each piece. The funny thing is no matter how much we study the art we could never replicate it.  (Just think about how many Mona Lisa paintings are out there)  Each artist has a trademark that they leave with each piece to ensure it will never be duplicated and so that everyone knows exactly who created it.

We can be compared to artwork in many ways.  We have been artistically designed by the ultimate Artist, God. 2 Corinth 3:18  Each of His creations is unique and tells a story that only the creator can tell.   Although we get to understand the creator more and more by His creation, only the Creator Himself knows why He created each piece.  Eph 1:5.  God has predestined us as His children and thus our identities can only be found in Him as creator and Lord of all.

Before there were copy rights and things of that nature artwork was often stolen from their owners.  Some artwork was lost forever, some destroyed, but every one of them was damaged somehow in the process of their theft.  Some thieves tried to sell this stolen artwork as their own.  Some thieves had no concern in the value of the artwork and kept the work locked up in a remote place for various reasons.

We were all “stolen” from God our creator  by sin.  We were all damaged and lied to at some point, presented as false images, locked away through insecurities, pride, jealousy, etc. Time has damaged some of us as we sit rolled up or folded away in positions we were never designed to be in.  But just as a painting from the 1800’s that was locked away and damaged can be restored, so can we.  2 Corinth 5:17. Accepting Christ isn’t just something to do, its a renewing!! Every position that we have been in that causes us damage, every lie that determined our identities, every sin that did us harm is gone.  The signature mark that our creature placed in us is restored!

I encourage you to accept Christ in your life and seek His face (Ps 27:8) with all of your heart, for your true purpose of being created is found in Him.  1 Peter 2:9.  The lies that have been told about your life are no longer.  Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, acknowledge the Artist of your life.  Your purpose will only be fulfilled once you have connected with Him.  You will discover the gifts that were locked away by the sin our lives by discovering your purpose in Christ.  Reflect, repent, and be restored!!!!
Your Missionary,


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