Drugs of Life

Sent this text earlier to a BUNCH of friends… lol yes i have long text as much as i have long messages when I have my random thoughts…. but a friend encouraged me to post it so here it is… i pray it helps someone as much as it helped me….

life is a drug….. rehab is Christ…. see there are different kinds of life… everlasting life after rehab or the life that we were once addicted to before Christ….. some people never think about the drug/old life again… they stop cold turkey…. some people lived multiple lifestyles thus addicted to many drugs that took rehab/Jesus on another level….. never been addicted?… do you miss your grandmas dish from your childhood? Ever just craved that dish and would do anything for it? …. you my dear have experienced a form of addiction…. our old life can be a drug in which we think its past and we are over it but that craving comes back out of the blue…. we want what we don’t need that we are use to in times of trouble or habit…. the thing my loves that you need to understand is that we all have moments of an old addiction trying to resurface in our lives… others may not understand your struggle …. others may not understand that moment of you not being yourself out of battle mode…. but YOU my dear must understand the difference between who you were and who you are…. and remember what you learned in rehab… rehab is designed for you to establish a new lifestyle… its not something you leave at the rehab facilities…. pick up your pamphlets (Bible)…. talk to your counselor (Christ) ….. get with your circle (brethren in Christ) … and fight for your new life…. you may be use to some things and fear my distract you from your future…. but your hope is in everlasting life, is in truth, is in the right way…. I pray this makes sense…. have a blessed day!!!!!

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