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Grade of Life

As a kid we would have reading assignments that I wasn’t always thrilled about…. But I knew that I needed to read them because I HAD to…. So I found an interesting fact or topic in each story to motivate me to continue reading…. I would find a reason to push away the negative thoughts and focus on the good.

I’ve learned that this method can be applied in life as well. We have things that we HAVE to go through that aren’t always appealing, but we must press forward. The key is to find the joy in each situation. We have to find the purpose. The purpose to my reading was better grades, the purpose to the choices you make in life and the things you endure is a better life….. Don’t let an obstacle stop you from enjoying life… Just as those reading assignments came to an end, so will your trials. The question is do you want an A or are you settling in the grade of life?…..

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