Change Vs. Growth… do you know there’s a difference?

A tree can not compare it’s growth to a rose… The seed of a tree could never change for the seed of the rose… they are what they are…This morning I was doing a lot of reflecting and this is what God gave me….

People tend to change for each other in relationships, but they never learned how to grow together. The Bible speaks of being unequally yoked.. God was showing me that when people change for relationships its considered a physical change. Every Chemistry major knows that a physical change means that it can go back to it’s original state. But when you grow you can never go back to that original seed you once were. (I hope you are following me.) When you grow the right way in your relationships (together) it’s an irreversible change. Or for my chemistry majors, a chemical change. It can never go back to it’s original state. The reason so many relationships don’t work is because people are physically changing for that person and forget that they can never deny who they are. So down the road they return to their original design causing issues.

Now the other thing that God showed me, was that the only way we can be truly changed into something new (a chemical change/reaction which turns us into something completely different without going back) is with Christ. If you do not have Christ in your relationship then you are probably changing for the person and not growing with them. There is a difference. We are all designed to blossom, but remember a tree can’t partner it’s growth with a rose and expect it to be a brighter future together… eventually the true purpose of one will overpower the other….

Never settle for a simple change in life… but pursue growth…
(hope this makes sense… please share your thoughts ^_^

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