Missionary · Thoughts

Self Diagnosis

Doctors tend to discourage you from diagnosing yourself…. Why? the mind can play tricks leaving you to believe you have symptoms that are not there… making the pain/issue itself a lie…

We often times incorrectly diagnose situations in our life.. You do have food in the refrigerator, so no you will not starve. You have enough to pay your bills so no you are not broke. Yes that person pleases you but no they are not meant for you (there’s better for each of you). You have friends and family who love you, so no you are not alone. No you are not stupid. No you are not helpless. No this is not for you. No you are not stuck. No you are not…..

Understanding that our feelings aren’t always truth is the first step to your healing…. No you shouldn’t ignore your feelings but realize when it’s just phantom pains/situations in your life that are used as a distraction to prevent you from getting where you actually need to be. Focusing on negative things will give you negative answers…. Shift your focus and watch things change in your life…..

Here’s a hint: Asks the one who knows all things what is really going on……

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