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True Rest in Peace

In the past 7 days a lot has happened…. Two individuals that I love dearly passed away….My great Aunt Willie was one of them. She was one of the first African American Marines to enlist in the state of SC.

A REALLY REALLY good friend of mine from college also passed. He passed in a horrible accident in Mexico where he played basketball.  Four other people were killed….

I’ve had a number of friends/family call me about being in the hospital just to tell me that xyz is still wrong and it’s serious…..

On top of this I was working for and at a conference and I couldn’t really face these things like I wanted to… But, the conference was a place where God really showed up….And I don’t mean just casually, but the atmosphere was just too real….. Real enough for me to realize that God still has control…In this conference I was on the prayer team, counseling team, and a bus pastor. (go figure right) no, no one was raised from the dead but people were healed left and right…. Yes even on the bus!!! Deliverance took place!!! Salvation took place!!!! I can’t even describe the experience….. but I can say it was encouraging to know that God is still in the business of restoration, love, comfort, peace, healing, etc…. Being in the presence of God like that revealed to me what can happen when you let go and let God…. A lot has happened but I’m not stressing because I know who my God is and His plans… not just for me but for my family and friends as well…..

I want to address something… A number of people are realizing that life is indeed too short, but I ask why does it take the death of a loved one to realize this? What does this short life mean to you? We tend to ask the question of purpose often times after something tragic such as this happens. But I challenge you to find the true meaning of life before something else hits home. Our friend like many of our other loved ones in the past didn’t expect life to end so soon.

God forbid, but if anything happened to you today do you think you’d make it to truly rest in peace? Or is this the cliche we’ve come to say to convince ourselves that our actions here on earth don’t really matter. I’m telling you they do!! Our eyes have been opened for a reason and it’s not to be taken lightly. Our hearts mourn as our minds race. But I want to invite you to a place of grace. A place of true peace on earth and in heaven after we leave this earth. I encourage you to open your Bible, find a Bible based church, and receive Christ as your savior today. This isn’t just an opportunity for you but for those you love as well. If you already know Christ GREAT!!! But are you sitting there with this gift of salvation while you watch your loved ones perish?

There is a love that waits for all of us and it came in the form of a man named Jesus Christ. A man who died so that we can be set free from the things of this world. So that we can live in peace for eternity. God forbid i leave this earth sooner rather than later, but if I do I have no fear because I know that I’ve been saved from the life I use to live. If you’ve been saying to yourself something isn’t right about xyz in my life, I can confidently say that the answers you’ve been seeking are in Christ our Lord.

It’s time we stop taking Christ for granted. It’s time we stop taking our own lives for granted…. If you have any questions about this status or what it means to be saved by Christ, what it means to not fear, to not hate, to not be depressed, to not live in confusion… please hit me up!! Inbox me!! Talk to your pastors! Speak with someone you know has a solid relationship with Christ…. so that together we can ALL live and rest in pure peace……

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