So, I was driving to the store today and I turned on the radio to one of the few (like 2) christian radio stations here in CT.  The first thing I hear is, “Halloween started in Christianity…”  I’m listening to people complaining about how Christians have turned it INTO a demonic holiday and how Christians have a history in the foundation of Halloween… So me being me,  I’m like let me do some research before I react to this, although I know it is demonic, let me gain some wisdom.  I learned the following:

A group of people called the Celts who lived in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany, celebrated a new year at the marking of the winter on November 1st.  The night before this they celebrated the day of the dead and called it Samhaim.  They believed that during this night of the dead spirits, ghosts, witches, etc would come back and walk with the people. So in order to scare and trick these beings they wore masks and costumes with the hope that these beings would leave them alone.

When Christians saw this they wanted to counteract this event, so they decided to celebrate martyrs and those who impacted Christianity.  They wanted to show that God did indeed conquer the grave. They celebrated this day on November 1st, making October 31st all hallows eve.  The eve or day before the saints.  It eventually became Halloween and developed into the “trick or treating” celebration we see it as today.

Ok, so first off I’d like to say that the people of God perish for a lack of knowledge.  People are more focused on letting the kids not feel left out so much so that the kids have been left out of the Truth.  Halloween is NOT of God… The original day to celebrate and remember  Martyrs was May 13 (My Birthday….) But the Pope in 835 changed it to November 1st with everything that was happening with the day of the dead.  Either way it doesn’t matter what the official day is that we celebrate these great people in history, the point is, it has nothing to do with halloween.

Why is the history important? We live in a time where people are looking to ancestors and cultural history as their source. We live in a time where self is more important than God.  We live in a time where people call themselves Christian, but they lack the actual seeking of God, let alone seeking God first to actually become and maintain the status of a follower of Christ.  How can we begin to settle with events such as halloween and then try to make it into something of God because it will make us more comfortable? How dare we?!

The thing is, it’s not just halloween that we do these things with.  We do it with music. We do it with TV shows. We do it with relationships.  We do it with our own identities.  Should I really continue?…..

I know this is random, but let’s really think about how many things we have twisted to conform to this world in the name of God?  Let’s really think about this thing…. We have to stop taking people’s word, and start taking up God’s Word…. We have to stop being naive and ignorant and unstable as Christians.  #Justthinking #justsharing I’m not saying that I know everything, I am saying that I will continue to seek God and do my best to not lack wisdom….  #Imback #again

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