Just a few thoughts on sex trafficking….

Someone asked if I thought the sex trafficking issue was just something the media was hyping up….

I believe that sex trafficking has always been an issue. The thing is, society is just discovering how minorities are being treated so a lot of what has already been happening is only JUST being brought to light. In addition to this, there is indeed a current increase in desire for specific organs such as those that only a female can produce but are being desired by those who do not have it. I’m so grateful that media is finally hearing the cries of the minority community, but I also believe that awareness isn’t enough.

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People have been seeing some of this stuff happen since the beginning. The problem is, people need an actual change of heart. A heart can only be changed with it’s identity. An identity can only be found in Love. There is more hate, pride, selfishness, greed, etc in this world than there is love. Now, please don’t get Love twisted with acceptance of everything. We have to establish a standard and hold that standard. We’ve taken away too many standards in this society because of the majority. The problem is, the majority are the ones who are lost because of the pride, hate, selfishness, etc…..


Ya’ll know me. I am a follower of Christ, whom I believe to be the Love and standard that will change this increasingly evil society. We must learn how to Love everyone in our midst without wavering from the standard of Christ. How does this relate to sex trafficking? The Standard will open everyone’s eyes to truly see what is valuable in life. It will help us to protect our people, no matter their skin color or lifestyle. It will help those who don’t live by the standard no matter what area of life they are in, to get back on track with the standard. It will help those who are hurting to be healed. It will help our society to become a community and a family again.

By lifting the Standard of Christ, I believe more communities will not only speak up, but STAND UP. More people will do something instead of just filming or watching our society be taken down. Now that we are aware, it’s time to DO something….

We can’t continue to dismiss the standard and then get upset when people do their own thing. The Bible says that a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. This means every single time we let a little sin in, we are opening the door for greater sin like sex trafficking.

I propose, we start with lifting up the Standard of Christ again….

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