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Send ME to Africa

I remember sitting at a christian conference in 2012. I was in a doctorate program and failing. I was physically sick with an illness that doctors could not explain. Debt was piling up between school, doctors, and just plain emergencies that a college student can’t afford.

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A friend invited me to this conference and I figured I’d go because I knew I needed to get back in the presence of God. I knew that what I was doing wasn’t working. So I went…..

It was the FIRST time in my life, despite growing up in church, where I was surrounded by people who genuinely not just pursued God, but they KNEW God for themselves. I was surrounded by people MY AGE who had a real relationship with Christ and I wanted more.

They talked about how much Jesus Christ loved us enough to die for us. I know many people hear this, but at this conference I felt it. It was like God was right there talking to me personally. It was like God was showed me how valuable MY life was TO HIM!!

I realized when people actually KNOW God for themselves they are able to introduce God to other people and not just talk about Him. I’ve gone to church all my life and there were few times where I can say I was actually introduced or encountered Christ. I am a witness that anyone who really knows Christ knows and understands the LOVE He has for His people.

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After this experience, like I said, I really just wanted to know God MORE. I really wanted to know what it was like to have a life with someone who loved me and was there for me through thick and thin. So I went on a journey to build my relationship with Christ. I dropped out of my graduate program (not because I wanted to), got a regular job (not one that I really wanted to have), and really pursued God (The only thing I really wanted to do lol.). This journey was full of ups and downs. Full of mistakes. But I got to know God for myself and as a result I got to know myself.

I’m still on this journey honestly and I’m loving it. I realized a long time ago that it’s not enough to just know God for myself but that I must introduce others to God too!! It’s a charge for everyone who knows Christ.

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I’m back in graduate school now on a completely different path (Funny how my desires shifted when I accepted Christ.). This time around I have a vision that’s bigger than me. That conference I went to in 2012 was hosted by a ministry called Bethel Campus Fellowship, a student ran organization that I have been a part of since that conference.

This week I was invited to have the opportunity to go to Nigeria (Swaziland and Nigeria!!) this coming summer to introduce people to Jesus through this organization and I’m super excited! I really don’t want to just be one of those people who go to church or who preach but don’t live it; but I really want to spread the gospel. I really want people to know the freedom that I have found. The joy that I have found!!

My hope is that others really catch fire to the vision of having a real relationship with Christ and introducing others to Christ. If you believe in Jesus Christ, I encourage you to get out there and tell others about Him! I encourage you to not be ashamed of where God has brought you from….. If you don’t know Jesus for yourself, I encourage you to pick up a Bible and study the books of Romans. Talk to Him about the things you read in that book and listen to what He has to say through the book.

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I am raising money to go to Swaziland and Nigeria this summer. If it is laid on your heart to support please go to my gofundme page to donate!! All proceeds will go toward this trip for God to use me to help others really get to know God for themselves!! Click on the link below to find my gofundmepage with more information!!

Send Me: Toya goes to Africa 2020

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