“Follow me as I follow Christ”- Paul in 1 Corinthians 11: 1

“Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Jesus Christ – Matthew 4:19

Dear church…

We’ve left some things out in our calling as Christians….

We can’t stop at follow me… because we are too imperfect to be the ultimate example. (Yet many just want people to follow them/their traditions/culture/opinion.) We must extend it to ensure, WE follow Christ, so that those following us are led to Jesus Himself, and not back to us… (Most people are being led back to people or a building, which is why there is no stability….)

As we and others follow Christ, we must also remember to not stop there as well… Many “follow Christ” and stop at going to church and living a decent life…But God said that He will make us fishers of men… meaning true Disciples.

Are we teaching that we must not only bring people to Christ ourselves but also teaching those who we bring to Christ that they must do the same?

He said “AND” I will make you fishers of men… You can’t truly follow Christ and not be a fisher of men.

We (The Church) have been leaving a lot out of the Bible, so our lives are unfruitful as a result. If we are not following Christ ourselves, we are not true Christians, just people who claim Christ (And there is a significant difference that the world has rightfully called out.). If we are not leading people to Christ, we are not following Christ…. Stop skipping scriptures to make you feel good or because you don’t want to do the work…. God is looking for the TRUE man and woman of God… not just those who sound/look good….

We are supposed to be set apart… but many christian “trees” look just as dead as the worlds in the spirit… Even where there may be some green, there is no fruit….. #JustThinking –

-Remember we want Beautiful Victories

PS: I hope some people realize that what God said in Matthew 7: 21-23, is in reference to people who claim to be “Christians”.

PPS: This is not the only thing God requires of us…. but it’s still a huge part of our calling.

The world stopped going to church, because the church stopped following Christ………. And even the world knows it needs Truth….. They are just waiting to be presented with the REAL thing..….. #OKImDone

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