Letting Go……

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I think I need to clear some stuff up…

Letting a bad thing go may still require a difficult sacrifice.

The thing is, we have to get to the point of understanding true value to understand true sacrifice. For some it’s a sacrifice, for others it’s a needed step to be free.

Too many people are holding onto bad things because it requires a sacrifice they are uncomfortable with. But that’s called growing pains.

I don’t want to let go of this relationship because it means I’ll sacrifice having a companion… an abusive one but ok.

I don’t want to save my money and buy off brand because I’ll sacrifice looking good…. for people who can’t do anything for you and are just as broke but ok.

I don’t want to eat right because I’ll sacrifice good tasting food…. cooking with natural herbs and spices adds more flavor than salt and fat but ok

I don’t want to study for this program, job, new business etc because I’ll sacrifice lazy thinking and my precious time…. then you want to keep your current educational and financial status but ok

I could go on…..

Stop letting fears control your life and keep you in a constant state of settling….

America has taught us that we can get what we want just by being selfish and making noise. This is why we hear more complaining and why we see more bondage in this world than we see freedom and true identity. It’s time to wake up y’all… and I ain’t talking about staying woke smh.

I’m saying that the scales need to be removed from eyes and people need to seek Truth. People are seeking a truth within their imperfect selves while looking in the mirror at their messed up selves and calling the mess god because they think it is connected to their identity. But our true identity is not of this world. So why are we so adamant on holding onto those things.

Stop ignoring the bad you have settled for because it requires a selfless sacrifice. There is a God beyond you. You may or may not agree but humble yourself and look in the mirror. You’re true identity is beyond the bad things you hold onto. (Both practically and spiritually)

Believe it or not but letting go of bad things in life both practically and spiritually is Biblical. Y’all knew I would go there. Jeremiah 29:11 lets us know that God has more for us and it’s all GOOD. We want to hold onto those things we want because we want them. Yet, there is a land God wants to give us that deep down we all know is ours…. 2 Chronicles 7:14…..

If you have some bad habits in your life that you recognize and want to get rid of… can I pray for you? I’m very sincere when I ask. If you do, write below. ❤️But before you ignore this post…. take some time to meditate on John 14 and the above scriptures I mentioned…

I hope all of this made sense for someone!!

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