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His NO is just as perfect as His YES

God has taught me in my time of singleness that His no, is just as perfect as His yes….

We have to break the entitled religious mindset that God will always say yes to us when we want something. Many times we look for the yes based on our desires. But He looks for the yes based on PERFECTION. I think this is one of the KEY messages that God has taught me over the years to teach others. I’m in my early 30s and still single and it is not always easy…….

It gets crazy when you mentor people who are getting married and you are still chilling lol. It gets crazy when most of your close friends are married so you don’t have that community to lean on in the same way as you use to that provides somewhat of a distraction to your singleness. We won’t talk about the craziness of family looking at you and talking to you like, “sooooooo when are you getting married….”

Why am I sharing? Recently God told me no to a guy that approached me. And for a long time I was fighting for the yes. But God consistently told me no. (Praise God for His patience with US!) He didn’t always give reasons for His No, but He just said no.

When you are getting up there in age and a decent person pursues you, it’s like well ok let’s go. But, as a follower of Christ, I’ve learned that I either trust God or I don’t. I either trust God to order my steps, to be my refuge, to be my shepherd, to be my guide, to be my friend, to be my God, to be my Savior (even from myself), with my life, etc…… Or…. I don’t….. So I must include Him in my decision. If someone approaches you, or if you want to approach someone else, then ask God for confirmation.. He will let you know if this person is the best that He has for you….

I just want to encourage single people as a single person, to actually seek God. To actually trust in both His yes and His no…. They are both perfect because He is the Perfect and only TRUE living God (Talking about the God of the Bible. The one you can’t get to unless you accept Jesus Christ as your savior)…..

God still give us the option to trust in Him. God can present the best to us, but we still have to choose it at the end of the day. The question is, do you want the best that God has for you, even if its a NO? Do you trust Him enough on this single journey?…. on this life journey?….. God does not forget His people…. He hears every cry…. Every desire…. Every heart ache….. We must learn to give those things over to Him for healing, growth, restoration, promise, fulfilment… etc….

Why is NO a good thing….. Besides the fact that it comes from a Perfect, and Good God who knows all and wants the absolute best for us? I mean that alone should be enough. Do you truly believe that He is who He says He is? God is perfect in ALL His ways, so if we accept His ways, then we and the path we take will be perfected through Him….

As I reflect on every single time God told me NO about something, I realize HE WAS RIGHT, lol. God use to tell me NO about certain relationships (even the seemingly christian ones. That’s another blog lol.) and I would think I was hearing things. Or I would listen to other people because everyone loves “love”. (They actually love the world’s idea of love, but that’s another blog too.) Or, I would just think that God was wrong, if I’m being honest. (There was a time I thought I knew more than God…. Can you believe that….lol) However, as I reflect I realize that I was the one wrong, not God. I realize that I was the one delaying the promises of God in my life. I realize that even when there is no delay, I am fulfilling the purpose that God has for my life in that season…

Any who….. It’s time to trust God and ALL that He has to say to us, in all that He directs us to do or not to do…. It’s time to Trust God when He says Yes or No….

This message is for single people but it is really applied to every area of life single or not. We must follow in Christ’s footsteps with our requests to God in saying, “Never the less, Thy will be done.”

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