Invite Them to Church….or

There is a student conference I attend every year. I typically work on the prayer team at the national conference. I’ve attended since I went to grad school the first time (Long story that I will probably tell one day soon…) Any who, I really wanted to invite others to this conference, just as I desire to invite people to church.

I mean it sounds good right. We want people to join our family in ministry. We know that they will be introduced to Christ in church or at a conference for Christ right. After some reflection, I realized that I wasn’t very successful in inviting people to visit any ministry with me. Every so often I people would accept my invitation, but there was still a disconnect. There was still something off. People would come, but few would stay.

After prayer and reflection, God told me what was wrong.

He basically said that I was leaning on others for a job that I was to do. Inviting people to church or ministry isn’t a bad thing. The problem is, we are all meant to be disciples that lead others to Christ.

God said to go into the world to share the gospel. God led by example through Christ when He came to this earth. He showed people the way Himself.

I think too often, as followers of Christ we get caught up in inviting people to Church that we forget we are the Church. We forget that we are meant to lead people to Christ ourselves. There is nothing wrong with inviting people to church, but we must not forget that we can introduce people to Christ ourselves. From there, inviting them to church might be a little more appealing.

So…. are you inviting people to a building/event more than you are inviting them to the Savior? It’s something to think about….

We must pick up our cross….. We must share our personal testimonies when appropriate. We must share the Gospel ourselves. Yes, inviting people to church is a good thing, but imagine if we led people to Christ in our every day lives…..

Become a true follower of Christ….. and become the disciple He called us to be….

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